Simply a "clean" technology

Seltino filters protect the nature

For the production of Seltino filter blocks, we use only natural materials (coconut shell), grown in areas with are at very low levels of air pollution.

Simply "clean" technology

Seltino filters protect nature

3-sided approach - the overall approach

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
Seltino adopted a 3-sided approach to the issue of providing users with the highest quality filters.

Coconut charcoal - a natural material

We only use natural materials (coconut shell) grown in areas with very low levels of air pollution to make Seltino filter blocks.

Charring, pressing and activation technology ensure the highest level of purity with NSF certification.

Sterile purity rather than silver nitrate

Seltino filters contain no silver nitrate - a chemical compound used by most manufacturers of the original filters to prevent bacterial growth. However, there are concerns that silver can affect human health:

  • Silver is toxic for all living cells,
  • Silver contributes to the reduced effectiveness of antibiotics,
  • Silver accumulates around the nerves and deeper layers of the skin and can cause permanent skin damage.

Seltino filters have solved this problem by sterilising the filter and using sterilised packaging. Thus, Seltino filters can be stored for up to 10 years.

Straightforward, easy installation

No experience or technical ability is necessary as Seltino filters are very easy to assemble. The Seltino filter head is made with great care, so that the filter screws in very lightly. Images provide a step-by-step guide on the filter packaging and the filter itself.