Clean water

Health for the whole family

With the technology used in Seltino filters, you don't have to worry about the purity of the water you drink straight from your fridge!

Taste the difference

filtering at the highest level

The activated charcoal used in internal Seltino filter blocks is made from coconut shell. It is the most superior and effective filtering material.


Simply a "clean" technology

Seltino filters protect nature

We only use natural materials (coconut shell) grown in areas with very low levels of air pollution to make Seltino filter blocks.


Seltino water filterswater matters

Seltino - the first water filters sterilised by UV rays - the same as those used in hospitals for the removal of bacteria and germs.

These filters contain no silver compounds which makes it safe both for your health and your side by side refrigerator! If you change the filters regulary, you can guarantee your fridge will be safe from harmful bacteria.

Seltino filters will remain sterile for 10 years in special UV bags!






Because we believe that water quality is essential to owners of refrigerators with ice makers.

They expect tasty, healthy water straight from the refrigerator, which is often the pride of the kitchen.


We know that the taste of water is primarily affected by the filtration material.

Seltino filters are designed from the ground up which means we can use coconut shell carbon, a non-traditional active carbon that is derived from coconut shells. This carbon has several times greater capacity to absorb impurities and chlorine compounds from water.

UV sterilisation of the filter rids it of bacteria for which water is the perfect breeding ground once the outer layer is free of chlorine. We know that the taste of water is primarily affected by the filtration material.


Seltino filter customers always receive the best quality products that reiterate our concern for our customers in every way:

  • Seltino filters are made from high quality materials.
  • Handy Seltino packaging allows you to see how the filter is made and operated straight away - you're entitled to know.
  • Installation instructions are very clear and intuitive - anyone can use them.
  • Instructions are on both the box and the filter so there's no need to hold the box when installing and uninstalling.
  • Each filter is also packed in a STERILE bag which means they can be used even 10 years after purchase!

Installing Seltino filters is an enjoyable experience and every delicious glass of water is an even more pleasurable one.